Jury finds ex-NFL player guilty on burglary, sex assault

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Former NFL player David Meggett was found guilty of 1st degree criminal sexual conduct and 1st degree burglary Wednesday afternoon in a Charleston County courtroom.

The verdict came less than an hour after the judge issued an Allen charge.

During sentencing, Meggett's sister asked the judge to have leniency for her brother. The judge sentenced Meggett to 30 years in prison, minus time he had already served.

Attorneys for the defense and the prosecution gave closing arguments in the trial of former NFL star David Meggett Wednesday morning.

Meggett is accused of raping a college student at her North Charleston home in January 2009.

Meggett's attorney Beattie Butler told the jury that Meggett admits to having sex with the woman, but the two were friends and had a sexual agreement as repayment for debt.

"Rapists don't ask for condoms, and they don't ask for forgiveness," Butler said.

Assistant solicitor Chad Simpson told the jury that Meggett stole the human dignity of the victim. She sat in the courtroom during closing arguments in tears.

Simpson said Meggett used aggravated force by choking the victim and he says the defendant used physical violence.

Meggett is facing criminal sexual conduct and burglary charges. During the judge's charge to the jury, she told them they can also consider the lesser charge of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.

If convicted of criminal sexual conduct, Meggett could face 30 years in prison.

Meggett did not testify during the trial. The judge told the jury that Meggett not testifying should not impact their judgement as they deliberate the charges.

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