Born to play: Do your kids have the sports gene?

CINCINNATI, OH (WXIX) - What if you could find out if your child is going to be the next Michael Jordan, Serena Williams or Michael Phelps?

A company in Boulder, Colorado says it can predict what sport your child may be best suited for.

Atlas Sports Genetics makes a test that, they claim, pinpoints a sports gene.  The test costs $170.

All you have to do is swab the inside of the cheek, send the sample in the mail and in two to three weeks, you'll get the results.

The test looks for a specific gene that indicates if a person is more like to excel in power sports, like football, or endurance events, like swimming, or both.

Not everyone is buying into the hype.

Dr. Derek Neilson is an assistant professor at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital.  He says there is no test that can predict from any age.

"All you can do is really put your child through several sports programs and let them tryout what sports they like and find out what their strengths are from them."

Dr. Neilson says the particular gene the test searches for only contributes to about 2% of muscle strength.