Perspective: WIS editorial on the Irmo smoking ban

For the past two years, Irmo Town Council has struggled to pass an ordinance banning smoking in the workplace.  Now, once again, they have wimped out…failing to take decisive action to protect workers and the general public from killer second-hand carcinogens.  What the Town Council proposed is a ban that exempts businesses that currently allow smoking, or as I call it, the UN-Ban.  Really, what's the point?

There have been a lot of excuses for NOT passing a real smoking ban…the potential for business loss, problems enforcing the ban, and the perception of more government interference.  But this is just silly.  Either institute a ban or not…and if you do, put some teeth in it, Irmo! This isn't such a stretch….Your neighbors in Chapin, Columbia and unincorporated Richland County have all outlawed smoking in the workplace.

Making decisions like this isn't easy and is often controversial, but if you're a citizen of Irmo, you should be up in arms about the lack of decisive action by your Town Council members.  You must ask yourself whether preference is being given to community business interests over the health of employees and the general public in your town.  It takes guts and leadership to do the right thing, and the folks who live in Irmo deserve nothing less from their Council in this matter.

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