Two women, three men arrested in FBI prostitution bust

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - Two young women and three older men were charged Friday with solicitation of prostitution at an apartment in Rock Hill, sheriff's officials said Monday.

The incident happened while York County sheriff's deputies were working with the FBI on an undercover operation, officials said.

The busts in the undercover operation took place around 7 pm and again around just before 10 pm in the 2100 block of Ebinport Road in Rock Hill, sheriff's deputies said in a report.

During the arrest of the five suspects on prostitution charges, authorities found two prescription pills that lacked a valid prescription that resulted in one of the women being charged related to that issue.

A different narcotic pill was found on a different woman, but authorities did not charge her, deputies said. Authorities destroyed that pill, which was identified as Vicodin.

Charged with solicitation of prostitution were: Stephanie Marie Brownlow, 26, of Lexington, NC; Karalyn Fae Fry, 19, of White Street in Fort Mill; Sean Larue Jennings, 35, of Sugar Oats Lane, Charlotte; Michael Eugene Harper, 31, of Lexington, NC and Corey Deon McRae, 31, of Greensboro.

A 2005 Dodge Ram pickup truck, a computer, GPS device and four cell phones were seized during the bust, the York County sheriff's report said.

Brownlow was charged with possession of loraepam, which is also known as Ativan, deputies said in a report.

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