Woman thrown from car asks for help finding culprit

Candenia Lybrand
Candenia Lybrand

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) -  Candenia Lybrand is lucky to be alive.  Last month, police say her ex-boyfriend, Fitzgerald McNeil, rammed his SUV into the back of the car she was riding in causing it to flip over and throw Lybrand from the passenger seat.

"It's not an accident, an accident is something that is a mistake," said Interim Police Chief Randy Scott. "He intentionally hit her vehicle and made it collide."

Bruised and scarred, Candenia Lybrand says everything hurts. "I don't got no ear no more, my whole face is just messed up, my arm they put rods and stuff in it, I try to move it, but it hurts like hell, it's like you can try to make it go one way, but it [does] something you don't want it to do. And then I'm right handed and I really can't do nothing,"said Lybrand.

Candenia Lybrand's reflection today is very different from the woman she used to see in the mirror. Columbia police blame Candenia's new look on McNeil. They say after McNeil wrecked the car she was riding in, he took off and hasn't been seen since. 

Their 10-year relationship had ended just days before the incident. "It makes me feel bad and it makes me feel mad because, It was at the end of the relationship he didn't want me and I didn't want him, so why would you do it?" Lybrand asked.

"I remember the truck being on top of me and I was on my knees and blood was coming from everywhere and I was just saying get it off of me, get it off me," Lybrand said.

Candenia struggles with the pain of her physical wounds, but she anticipates some relief on the day he is found. "If you see him call the police as soon as possible,"said Lybrand.

"She deserves it," said Scott. "She deserves the justice that is out here for her."

If you know the whereabouts of Fitzgerald McNeil, police urge you to call Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.

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