NCAA investigating Auburn's Cam Newton after report of cash offer

AUBURN, AL (WBRC) - A Chicago man who claims he represented Cam Newton in junior college was allegedly shopping the quarterback around during his recruitment before Newton signed with Auburn, according to ESPN.

The man in question, a former Mississippi State player named Kenny Rogers, allegedly told former teammate John Bond that Mississippi State could land Newton for $180,000.

Mississippi State sent the information to the SEC office, and the NCAA is looking into the allegations. Bond says he doesn't know what happened at Auburn, or why Newton went there.

Newton's father, Cecil, told ESPN that if Rogers tried to solicit money from Mississippi State, he did it on his own.

Auburn is also aware of the allegation, but says Newton is eligible to play.

Meanwhile, fans are reacting to the NCAA investigation. "I'm not concerned about what somebody's relative or friend did trying to make money off of somebody else," said Auburn fan Dale Edmonson. "That's just what goes on in this world."

Edmonson says not only does he not think the investigation is a big deal, he also doesn't think it will affect the Tigers' season. "I just think this is something that goes on in college and the pros, everywhere," said Edmonson. "I think we're gonna find out how good they are, one way or the other."

Katie Blackman supports Auburn. She says, "Nobody even knows if that's true, people make up stuff, you never believe what you hear."

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