Product claims to resurrect soaked cell phones -- does it work?

By Stewart Moore - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Many people's lives rotate around the cell phone in their pocket, but what happens when that phone or PDA hits the water? A new product that says it can bring your phone back to life.

The Bheestie is silver, flashy bag with a simple slogan: drop it in, dry it out. The product is designed to dry out your small electronics like phones and iPods, but also makes the claim that it can revive some soaked devices.

We put a phone into the Bheestie right after dropping it in the water and checked it 24-72 hours later to see if the phone works again.

If you have ever seen a Blackberry addict without their phone, you know a lot of hope and faith goes into the product.

The phone was still dead after 24 hours, so we put it back inside the Bheestie bag to give it another day. After a few more hours in the bag, the phone came back to life.

The best part is, the Bheestie bag lasts up to a year. If you have another accident, you can put my phone back in the bag. To get your own, visit the company's website.

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