Sheheen outlines plan for SC, defends record on WIS Newswatch

By Ben Hoover - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Democratic gubernatorial candidate Vincent Sheheen has trailed Republican challenger Nikki Haley in every poll so far, but recent polls show the race tightening. In a one-on-one interview on Friday, we asked Sheheen about his plans for bringing more jobs to South Carolina and improving our schools.
Sheheen supports performance of incentive pay for teachers that get results in the classroom. We asked how he would structure that plan so that it would still attract teachers to low-performing districts and schools. "What you can't do is have one standard that doesn't take into account the way the student enters the school," Sheheen responded. "What you ought to be looking at is the importance of the student themselves."

Sheheen also opened up more about his relationship with the payday lending industry. As a state senator, he has voted to ban the industry. As a private lawyer, he has profited off lawsuits against payday lenders. But the head of a payday lending company has contributed to Sheheen's campaign.

We asked Sheheen why if he wants to ban the Chairman of Advance America's business, and is serious about it why is the chairman supporting Sheheen's campaign? "I think that it's important that we be able to separate what campaign contributions we give from our actual votes in what we do," said Sheheen. "I think this is a good example of where I've done that."

"I've accepted no campaign contributions from payday lending businesses at all, in fact I made that clear," continued Sheheen. "There are private individuals who support me on a number of issues."

We also got into other issues like his teacher incentive plan, his stance on mandated healthcare and his best idea to bring more jobs to rural south Carolina. You can hear more from Sheheen this Sunday on Newswatch at 10:30am.
You'll also hear from the green and united citizens party candidate Morgan reeves. "South Carolinians need to know that I am giving them a third option," said Reeves. "They do not need to vote for Democrat or Republican."

Nikki Haley's campaign declined our invitation.

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