Some voters crossing party lines in the governor's race

By Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - For Vincent Sheheen and Nikki Haley, getting support from their base is critical. However, some voters say they plan to cross party lines when they cast their votes.

Take a drive down any road, and you 'll see the signs. But the people who are putting them out may surprise you. "I've got it in my yard at home, got it on my mailbox, my husband's got the sticker on his car," said credit union CEO Anne Shivers.

You can call Shivers a Nikki Haley supporter, just don't call her the R-word. "I have not been a Republican all my life, I don't like that title either," said Shivers.

Shivers says she thinks Haley will balance the budget and not bow down, and that's why she's standing up. "My friends will not like the fact I voted for Barack Obama and I'm still voting for Nikki Haley," said Shivers.

Bob Barger did not vote for Obama, but he is voting for Vincent Sheheen. "It was a huge decision," said the Republican who has never voted for a Democrat before. "I'd much rather stay in my own party for sure."

"Honestly, I hate to say it, I wish he was a Republican," said Barger. it would make it so much easier to do."

Barger owns a grating business is part of a group who has bumper stickers of their own.Tthey even have their own Facebook page with more than 900 supporters.

"I hate to [cross over], most of the time I'm happy," said Barger. "There's just some things Nikki Haley stands for or that I've heard or read and it keeps getting worse."

Barger says as a working class man, and he believes Sheheen will create more jobs.  
Despite Barger's and Shivers' newfound loyalties, the crossovers say they could cross back in the next election.

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