NASCAR Hall of Fame attendance well below projections

CONCORD (WBTV) - Attendance at the NASCAR Hall of Fame is well below projections.

The Hall is having to make difficult decisions about cutting the budget and reducing the hours of many part time workers.

This week should be on the busiest for the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

There was a special ceremony announcing the 5 new members of the Hall on Wednesday, and thousands of fans are in town for this week's races at Charlotte  Motor Speedway.

The Hall of Fame depends on those fans to come to Charlotte and visit, but are the fans making the trek to the Hall of Fame?

On Thursday around the campgrounds near Charlotte Motor Speedway, random fans spoke about the Hall.

"Have you been to the NASCAR Hall of Fame?"  "Not yet," said Eddie Fulbright of Asheville, NC.   "Haven't had a chance to get there."

Lisa Rainey of Greer, SC, answered  "Nope," haven't had time."

Tim Stanton of Florida said "No, we plan on going there Sunday."

Bob Bychkowski of New Jersey said  "Not yet, not yet."  His friend Chris Bruno added  "Yeah, I like, think it's one thing we'll do while we're in the area, hit it one time."

Nearly every fan said they wanted to go, but just hadn't done it yet, except for Karen Boetgger.

"We went to the Hall of Fame yesterday," Boetgger said.  "We loved it, we had a great time."

Hall officials are hopeful for a big weekend, they are marketing to fans who are in town for the race and hoping to draw them to Charlotte.

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