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Baby born on I-26, just minutes from hospital

Layla Jeanette Shealy Dubois Layla Jeanette Shealy Dubois
The pickup truck where Layla was delivered The pickup truck where Layla was delivered
Kayla Dubois Kayla Dubois
Gene Shealy Gene Shealy
Michele Fox Michele Fox

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - On any given day at the Lexington Medical Center, about a half a dozen babies are born in the comfort of delivery room surrounded by nurses and doctors, but Layla Jeanette Shealy Dubois had a different idea.

Layla was born Thursday night about five miles short of the hospital on Interstate 26. The little one's mother, Kayla Dubois, and her aunt Michelle Fox were headed to the delivery room when Kayla went into labor.

Michele had to take drastic measures near the Highway 302 exit because the baby just wouldn't wait any longer.  

Michele pulled over, called 9-1-1 and ran around to the passenger side to help Kayla in the front seat of their pickup truck. 

Three minutes later little Layla pushed out her head.

Michele said, "She was coming out, she couldn't come out very far because the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck, twice, so I said, oh, no! I just took my hands, reached under her neck and tried to pull them over her head."

"She was a little blue and then as soon as I lifted her up the first time she made a grunting sound," said Michelle. "The lady on 9-1-1 said, 'I hear her!'"

Michele was stunned that she was the one who actually delivered little Layla. "I was just supposed to be in the delivery room with her so I could watch. I've never seen a baby be born," said Michelle laughing.

"Unbelievable," said the proud father, Gene Shealy who arrived on the scene just moments later. "I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or pass out. I didn't know what to do, man."

Kayla and her little miracle are healthy, but she wouldn't want to do it again. "No, I wanted to be in the hospital," said Kayla. "The hospital wasn't good enough for her, she wanted the truck!"

"Actually, I got nervous after the fact," said Michele. "I'm glad she's here and I'm glad I got be there."

As you drive on Interstate 26 near Columbia, think about the little life that began on the side of the road near exit 113. Kayla, Gene and Michele will certainly never forget where Layla's life began October 14, 2010.  

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