Georgia Fans:Get used to a "Bad" new UGA

ATHENS, Ga. (AP) - The latest in the line of Georgia mascots has

taken his place in his red-and-black doghouse at Sanford Stadium.

Uga VIII was introduced before Saturday's Southeastern

Conference game between Vanderbilt and Georgia.

University of Georgia President Michael Adams applauded on the

field as interim mascot Russ took his last bow. Uga VIII, whose

registered name is Big Bad Bruce, then made his debut.

As Russ left the field, a crowd of photographers followed Uga

VIII, wearing his red sweater, to his doghouse on the sideline.

Uga VIII, 13 months old, was named in honor of Dr. Bruce Hollett

of the university's School of Veterinary Medicine. Hollett has

helped care for the line of white English bulldog mascots owned by

members of Savannah-based Sonny Seiler's family.

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