New Gamecock T-shirt hot off the presses

New Gamecock Victory T-shirts
New Gamecock Victory T-shirts

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Gamecocks fans are still celebrating Saturday's big win over Alabama, and if USC is your team, you want the world to know. That's why businesses are scrambling to get new merchandise in stock for the second time in just a few months.

Sunday is usually a day off for the people who work at Eat More Tees, but they say due to the demand for shirts after the win, employees came in to get a jump start on printing the tees.

Kevin Schumacher of Eat More Tees says, "Well, with the victory last night we had to come in today to print, our phone was already ringing off the hook. As soon as we won, our customers, retailers throughout the state started calling saying 'we want shirts, we want shirts.' We want shirts so we're printing today to get a head start."

The T-shirts will be available at 40 retailers across the state. Call your local sporting goods store to find out when they will be getting their shipment.

Linda Cope is not only a Carolina fan, but also a collector. "I've got a Steve Spurrier-signed football," she said.

But when USC wins, Gamecock fans "have to be loud and proud!" exclaimed Carley Freese.

That attitude really rings the cash registers for gamecock souvenirs by all fans, including Linda. "I have a Carolina football helmet that's the base of our table lamp," said Cope.

Pam Carr and her daughter Kelly will buy three T-shirts after Pam came down from Connecticut to attend a Gamecocks game with her daughter. "First time, first time," she said. "Picked a good one to go to, yeah!"

"It had a lot to do with Saturday in a lot of different ways, but it's just kinda like a fan's feeling it's getting ready to happen for the rest of the season," said Ken Halstead, who manages Addam's Bookstore on Assembly Street.

His first delivery of shirts celebrating Saturday's win sold out on Sunday, and he's on the second printing.

Up in Irmo off Bower Parkway, the Jewelry Warehouse had its grand reopening at its new location. They were kind of worried about opening around the Carolina-Alabama game. Would the opening be hurt?

"When a football team knocks off a number one, today's been a phenomenal Monday morning," said Wes Hall.

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