Couple finds cannonball in NC town

CASWELL BEACH, NC (WECT) – An unusual discovery was made Sunday afternoon as Dawn Karafa, from Southport, and her fiancé were using their metal detector near the Oak Island Golf Club in Caswell Beach.

It was the couple's curiosity that led them to their treasure, not their metal detector.  They saw a large object poking through the dirt near a construction site in the residential area.  The metal object caked in mud was large and round.  It appeared rusted and was fairly heavy.

Karafa said she and her fiancé were unsure what they had found, but thought it could have been part of a ship.  They loaded it into their vehicle and took it to their home in Southport where they began cleaning the mystery object.

As the mud began to subside, the couple realized they had found a 55 lbs. cannonball.  They weren't sure how old it is or where it is from, and contacted authorities immediately.  Deputies with the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office went to their home to evaluate the situation and later contacted the New Hanover County Bomb Squad, who took the cannonball away.

Karafa is thankful nothing dangerous happened while the cannonball was in her possession, but is concerned there could be more in the residential area it was found.  She said she hopes Caswell Beach officials will take a more in depth look at the area to make sure it is safe.

The bomb squad blew up the cannonball Monday afternoon at the department's shooting range.

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