Providing Noise and UV Protection

Protecting Your Home Furnishings from the Ravages of UV Radiation

We all know how dangerous ultraviolet radiation can be. We've read about the depletion of the ozone layer and increased incidence of skin cancer due to UV radiation. In our home environments, UV is the main source of fading. Exposure to UV radiation can damage carpets, furniture, and draperies.

It is now possible to select glass products, such as Southern Heat Mirror, which almost eliminate the transmission of UV radiation. Reducing UV transmission reduces fading and increases fabric life and beauty.

Creating a Refuge in a Noisy World

In today's increasingly urban environment, noise is an almost constant factor. Just as heat and light can be transmitted through windows, noise often finds its way into a home through the windows.

Glass products are available today that reduce noise intrusion through windows, and help make a home the refuge we want it to be. The noise control of these products is measured by Sound Transmission Classification (STS) ratings. A small increase in STC ratings means much greater protection from outside noise.

You Should Select Glazing Products with Maximum UV Fading Protection if:

  • You have drapes, carpets or furnishings that should be protected from damaging UV radiation.
  • You want to extend the life, color and appearance of your interior decor.
  • You want to protect hardwood floors and other finished surfaces.

You Should Select Maximum Noise Protection if:

  • Your home is in an urban environment.
  • You have large amounts of glass.
  • Your home is in a suburban environment, but is near a noise source, such as a freeway, main road, school or railroad.