New survey finds race relation perceptions getting worse

WASHINGTON, DC (WIS) - New polling by a national firm finds that perceptions about the state of race relations in our county have gotten worse since the summer of 2009.

According to Rasmussen Reports, a national polling firm, only 36% of voters now believe that relations between blacks and whites are improving.

The polling company reports that the latest number is down from 62% in July of 2009. That was when a story dominating news at the time was controversy between a black Harvard professor and a white policeman.

According to Rasmussen, 27 percent of voters now say black-white relations are getting worse, which is up 10 percentage points from July of last year. About 33% of voters think they're relations are about the same.

The poll reported that 21% of voters think relations between whites and Hispanics are improving, 50% say they are worse, and 24% say they're about the same. Just 16% say race relations between blacks and Hispanics are getting better, 34% say they are worsening and 24% staying the same. However, 26% are undecided.

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