Sharp-eyed neighbors help in capture of burglary suspects - - Columbia, South Carolina

Sharp-eyed neighbors help in capture of burglary suspects

Genesis Williams Genesis Williams
Jayqwan Cutner Jayqwan Cutner
Tyshawn Gilmore Tyshawn Gilmore

By Tim Pulliam - email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Becoming a victim of crime is something that many of us worry about, but having good neighbors can make all the difference.

Just ask Jennifer Addy and what happened to her home on College Street. She says they raided every room looking for stuff to grab.

"They went through all the drawers," said Addy. "All the beds were tipped over. They broke a window and two doors everything is scattered everywhere."

Addy believes that the intruders broke in through the back door and trashed her place. She believes they tried to go out the front door, but they saw the cops.  They came back and hid in the attic.

The burglars couldn't hide for long. A quick thinking neighbor, who noticed something wasn't right, called police.

"I couldn't thank him enough," said Addy. "I told him I was gonna make him cookies."

Despite the big cleanup ahead, Addy still has her valuables and she's thankful someone close by was looking out for her.

"Definitely know your neighbors, it helps to know your neighbors," said Addy.

We wanted to talk to the neighbor, but he wanted to remain anonymous. As for the three suspects, Genesis Williams, Tyshawn Gilmore and Jayqwan Cutner, they are all facing burglary charges. 

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