Lindsay Lohan back to jail

BEVERLY HILLS, CA (NBC) - Lindsay Lohan is back in jail.

This morning a judge in Beverly Hills ordered the troubled actress to spend the next month behind bars for failing a recent drug test. This time it looks like she'll be spending all of her jail time.

Within minutes of her arrival at the Beverly Hills Courthouse this morning, Lohan was put in handcuffs and sent directly to jail. It's the same detention center where she spent 13 days of a 90 day sentence a little over a month ago.

This time the judge said no bail and no early release. The actress will stay there until as least October 22nd when she's scheduled to appear back in court. After the hearing Lohan's father Michael said, "I've been asking that Lindsay go into a rehab all along. She should have never ever, ever, ever had to face jail time or incarceration in the UCLA Medical Facility."

Last week the 24-year old admitted on Twitter to failing a court ordered drug and alcohol screening test. She wrote, "regrettably, I did in fact fail my most recent drug test and if I am asked , I am prepared to appear before Judge Fox next week" The confession came after the website reported that she tested positive for cocaine.

Last month, the judge overseeing her case said he would send the actress to jail for 30 days if she failed or missed a test. Today he made good on that promise.

Steve Cron, a defense attorney said, "If think at some point a judge says, I've had enough with the excuses, enough with the promises."

Lohan was released last month after serving 23 days in a drug rehab program and 13 days in jail. She was originally sentenced to 90 days in each for violating probation on 2007 drunk driving conviction.

If Lohan had complied with all of her drug test, alcohol tests and weekly therapy sessions she would have returned to unsupervised probation in November. Now, that likely will not happen.

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