Perspective: WIS editorial on prostate cancer awareness

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - According to state health officials, South Carolina ranks third in the nation for deaths related to prostate cancer.   It's the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men, and men can have prostate cancer for years without showing symptoms.  That's why September -- Prostate Cancer Awareness Month -- is a good time for men to get checked for this disease.  And guys, you have several opportunities to get a free screening in the Columbia area, so pay attention.

This station has been airing public service announcements featuring former NFL star Mike Hayes.  The spots promote a website, , where you can go to find out about these free screenings. Locally, Palmetto Health is offering several screenings in Richland County on various dates through October 9th.

It's especially important for men over 50 and African-American men over 40 to get tested.  If the test shows you need follow-up, be sure to consult a doctor about whether and how to get diagnosis and treatment.  The risks are real and screenings are free this month.  So why not get checked?

Guys, arm yourself with the information you need about prostate cancer testing, diagnosis, and treatment alternatives. That's my perspective. Your feedback is always welcome.

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