Perspective: WIS editorial the Columbia Urban League

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Too often our city and state are featured in a negative light.  But recently, one local organization received national recognition that should make us swell with pride.  The National Urban League  bestowed its Whitney M. Young, Jr. Leadership Award for Advancing Racial Equality to our very own Columbia Urban League.  This is no small accomplishment in a city that has struggled with racial harmony, the Confederate flag controversy, and many socio-economic woes with racial overtones.

Under the leadership of CEO J.T. McLawhorn, the Columbia Urban League has worked diplomatically but effectively to promote racial harmony and diversity.  And not just in political or corporate circles.  Their work has focused on issues such as neighborhood violence, teen pregnancy and assisting the disadvantaged.  Not one to shy away from controversy, McLawhorn has led the charge on advancing equal opportunity and addressing social and economic injustice here in the Midlands.

For over 40 years, your Columbia Urban League has worked diligently to make a difference, and it's wonderful to see this national recognition.  So, raise them up and thank the Columbia Urban League for its good work and positive  impact on our community. That's my perspective.  I'd like to hear your thoughts.