You don’t have to live with knee pain any longer

You wake in pain, and each step after that is a fresh descent into agony. The stairs are your sworn enemy, and you know you're going to reach for the pain relievers at some point during the day. You long for the leisurely evening strolls you used to take, but your knees no longer are willing.

Does this sound like your life? If so, you might be suffering from osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is a common joint disease that often develops after an injury or sometimes simply results from aging. People also can inherit a tendency to develop osteoarthritis, and being overweight can be a contributing factor as well.

Now a safe, effective, non-surgical knee pain treatment can put an end to your discomfort and dependence on oral medication.

Used to be, pain relievers and cortisone shots were common treatments. Joint replacements and other surgeries also were options.

Now there's another treatment option. It's called viscosupplementation, and Doctor Care's Forest Drive clinic in Columbia is the only physician practice in South Carolina's Midlands accredited by the Osteoarthritis Centers of America to perform this FDA-approved surgery-saving treatment.

Osteoarthritis develops as cartilage, the tissue that covers the ends of bones and keeps them from grinding together, slowly wears away. It's most common in the hands, hips, knees, neck and lower back.

A common sense approach to relieving pain.

Viscosupplmentation involves injecting a thick fluid into knee. The fluid bonds with natural joint fluid to act as a shock absorber, which reduces pain, swelling and inflammation and lets you get back to the life you used to enjoy.

At Doctors Care dye is injected at the start of the procedure, allowing the doctor to then use live-motion x-rays to make sure it's done with pinpoint precision and little pain. Side effects are rare.

As a follow-up at Doctors Care, our licensed physical therapists can tailor a Theraciser rehabilitation program just for you. This advanced pain-free rehabilitation program enhances the treatment's lubricating and shock absorbing effects.

While there is no cure for osteoarthritis, the combination of treatments at Doctors Care has brought relief to hundreds of people searching for an effective, less invasive and less painful alternative to knee replacement surgery. Your pain should be greatly reduce or possibly eliminated in a matter of weeks. You'll notice improved mobility, and you'll be more active now that every step isn't agonizing.

Doctors Care, the only physician practice in the Midlands authorized by the Osteoarthritis Centers of America.

Doctors Care has been a leading medical practice in South Carolina, specializing in urgent care and family medicine for over 25 years. We provide the diagnosis, treatment and relief you need, in one convenient stop. We also welcome outside physician referrals for this revolutionary procedure. Call (803) 738-9522 to schedule your rehabilitation consultation.