It's football time in South Carolina!

By Tim Pulliam - email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Football fanatics hit the stands Friday evening to watch high school players run, tackle and score touchdowns.

Football fever is in the air, and it's 12-year-old Noah Crumlich's favorite sport. "The coolest thing about football is watching them hit people," Crumlich said.

At Parone stadium, the Spring Valley Vikings battled Lower Richland's diamond hornets.

Football Friday is an evening out for Montgomery and fans a chance to hear the marching band and get hype with the cheerleaders, all while watching your favorite team score.

For these fans it's all about fellowship, according to Janice Montgomery. "You get to meet friends, church members, community members," said Montgomery. "Just enjoy yourself and get out of the house for a change."

"The atmosphere," said Travis Jones. "Everybody comes out here. The cheerleaders get into it. We get into it. Everyone's getting pumped. We're all here to have fun and root on our team."

It's an adrenaline rush for Crumlich with every tackle or touchdown. "It feels like blood is rushing through your veins and you're so happy," he said.

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