Lexington-Richland District 5

District Headquarters
School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties
1020 Dutch Fork Rd.
lrmo, SC 29063

(submitted by Michelle Foster)

What are the biggest changes parents and students will see this school year? Thanks to the approval of our bond referendum, we have had a number of building additions and renovations take place over the last several months. These much needed updates to our facilities, along with some major technology updates, will make our facilities much better equipped to prepare our students for the future. We believe our parents and students are going to be very excited when they see these changes.

The standards set by the No-Child Left Behind act have scored the district as average with growth"at risk", how important is it to change those scores for 2010-2011? It is highly likely that major changes will be made to the "No Child Left Behind" legislation. For that reason, our focus will remain, as it always has, on making sure we do all we can to ensure the academic success of every student. If we do that, our test scores will continue to improve and we are confident changes in the legislation will more accurately reflect  our progress.

With budget cuts galore, how will your district modify to less staff? We have been very fortunate in our district to have maintained a healthy fund balance for times such as these and it has helped us better manage cuts of over $16 million dollars with minimal impact in the classroom. However, we have now eliminated more than 80 positions over the past two years and we are to the point where we must place as many students in classes as we can without exceeding the student/teacher ratios adopted by the school board. That is becoming more and more difficult to do.

What is the goal for your students this year? For each child to be challenged to their maximum potential academically and to become deeply engaged in school activities to help expand and develop their social skills.

What's the "X-factor" that separates Lexington-Richland School District 5 from other districts? There is no doubt that in addition to the great students and dedicated teachers and staff, our biggest asset is the tremendously involved parents and a supportive and engaged community -- all of whom have very high expectations!