Orangeburg Consolidated School District 4

District Headquarters
Orangeburg Consolidated School District Four
6030 Slab Landing Rd.
Cope, South Carolina 29038
(submitted by Dr. Thomas Sparks)

What are the biggest changes parents and students will see this school year? The biggest change that will be seen is really a continuation of what we started last year. A great emphasis on literacy and mathematics with high expectations and personal accountability. In the area of facilities, we are beginning a strong emphasis on cleanliness in our schools.

The standards set by the No-Child Left Behind act have scored the district as below average with growth "at risk", how important is it to change those scores for 2010-2011? The important aspect is not the change in the scores, but the continued high emphasis on academic rigor and literacy. Improving in this area will ensure a positive impact on our NCLSB ratings.

With budget cuts galore, how will your district modify to less staff? We have made our cuts with class size in mind. Most of our changes will involve faculty members having to commute to more than one school.

What is the goal for your students this year? The goal for our students this year is the goal for our students every year-to continue their learning at a high level that will enable them to reach their potentials and be prepared to continue their education post secondarily and become productive citizens in a global society in the 21st century.

What's the "X-factor" that separates Orangeburg School District 4 from other districts? Our x-factor is the concept of family and team. We are all involved in accomplishing one goal of providing a world class education to all of our students. Complementing that concept is the district's commitment to a variety of avenues for our students to succeed (classroom, distance learning, computer-base learning, etc.).