Perspective: WIS editorial on reusable shopping bags by general manager Donita Todd

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - As Kermit the Frog lamented, "It's not easy being green".   Most of us now realize that we have a personal responsibility to protect our environment, conserve energy, and cut down on waste.

That's why I want to endorse a new initiative launched by Keep the Midlands Beautiful and the City of Columbia Climate Protection Action Campaign.  It's called Lose the Baggage and is designed to reduce the number of plastic bags we use here in the Midlands.

We want you to take the Lose the Baggage pledge and switch from plastic bags to reusable shopping bags. It's estimated that Midlands residents use over 160 million bags a year.  And if just 10% cut back by at least 2 plastic bags per week, we could reduce usage by 7 million bags a year!

Retailers will save money not having to buy as many plastic or paper bags, and the rest of us will benefit from fewer bags in landfills or flying around the streets.

So I encourage you to Lose the Baggage and switch to reusable bags for your shopping.  And if you forget your bags as I frequently do, at least recycle those plastic bags in the containers provided.  Let's Keep the Midlands Beautiful!

That's my perspective.  Let me hear from you.