Buy It & Try It: Fireproof safe

(Columbia) May 21, 2003 - One safe makes some heavy duty claims of fire safe, waterproof and fire rated, but what does that mean? One is a name brand, Brinks, known for security. The box says double steel construction and fire retardant, which means what?

Judi put a few things inside, but they're not items you'd usually lock in a safe. She put in photos of WIS on-air talent, trinkets and some stuff she found on Rick Henry's desk.

She asked Columbia firefighters Robert Hughes and Vincent Millerick to bring the heat. First there was a lot smoke, then fire and in a matter of minutes the whole cage was full of flames.

The firefighters say this is a good test of a worst case scenario, but are the contents still "safe?"

The safes look bad, but what counts is how it looks inside. Everything is burned to a crisp in the fire retardant box.

The fireproof safe, a Sentry, is opened and the contents look untouched.

The boxes burned for about 10 minutes at temperatures of 1800 to 2000 degrees. The fire retardant box didn't expect sustain the heat. There's only a maybe $20, $30 difference between the boxes, so for the extra cash finish you really want to protect your stuff, the bigger safe is probably the better buy. All Sentry models, regardless of size, should protect valuables equally.

Also on the boxes, the one thing you really need to look for is the "UL" label. That will let you know you've got a box that'll give you pretty good protection.

By Judi Gatson
Posted 7:54pm by BrettWitt