Buy It & Try It: Bun and Thigh Max

(Columbia) May 20, 2003 - The Bun and Thigh Max makes remarkable claims in commercials, "We guarantee with the Bun and Thigh Max system you'll lose up to 10 inches and two jeans sizes in just 21 days."

Shannon Moulder and Stefanie Caraviello find that hard to believe, but they're willing to take on. Shannon wears a size 10 and Stefanie puts on a pair of jeans in size eight.

It was time to find out the workout rates by watching the video included in the package, "We're going to start with the inner thigh. Press in...good."
Shannon was up first. She wasn't feeling it, but she kept pumping, doing leg presses, and working her calves, "It's a lot different than what I expect. I didn't feel the burn."
They switched out and Stefanie took a turn. She didn't feel it either, "No, not at all." Stef says she felt like she was just going through the motions. She says her heart wasn't racing, she wasn't sweating. It didn't even burn, "I don't think it's gonna at all, because you don't feel anything."

They were about ready to ax the Bun and Thigh Max, but there was another tape. The workout kicked into high gear after they did crunches. Shannon says that part of the workout actually produces some sweat, "It's a lot harder than the Bun and Thigh Max."
They pumped out some push-ups and then a new exercise. It's called mountain climbing and they were really feeling it.

It was time to take a look at the results of the jeans challenge after several weeks. Shannon was in a size 10, but she got into a size 8. Still, the results weren't as much as you might expect. Stephanie had better results when she slipped into a size 6 from a previous 8.
The smart shopper says the Bun and Thigh Max is not worth the cash. If you do any rigorous aerobics program you're going to lose weight. That's not what they sell on TV. All they say is Bun and Thigh Max - five minutes a day.

Based on our test that's not going to get those pounds to go away.

By Judi Gatson
Posted 7:56pm by BrettWitt