Buy It and Try It: Gripper whisk

(Columbia) May 19, 2003 - The Gripper Whisk claims to be amazing in the kitchen. Supposedly it's a whisk, a spatula, BBQ tongs, pasta fork, slotted spoon, vegetable strainer and serving fork all in one.

Troubleshooter Judi Gatson asked Donna Ninesling, the owner of Fat Cat's Cafe, to help put it to the buy it and try it test, "The handle I'm not too sure how that will hold up, but the concept is good."

She started by whipping up an omelette, "As a whisk it is doing great. I mean this is wonderful."
She then picked up some bacon, "Now, let's see how this thing works as a grabber." Then she tried to grab some cheese, "Works better on the bacon than it does on the cheese."

Donna then checked the gripper on the grill, until her omelette started to flop, "Flipping it, it's just not strong enough."

She gave her assessment of the gripper, "It was fair, it was fair. I would give it a slightly above average, but not great."

Judi cooked up more items for the buy it and try it test. It worked great for scrambled eggs, possibly single egg omelette, because there's more surface than a standard whisk

The smart shopper gives this one mixed reviews. It works great as a whisk, spatula, gripping salads and hardboiled eggs. But for the heavier claims, like cuts of meat (steak, burgers, fish), in our test the whisk was a "lightweight."
If you order the set of two off TV it'll cost you $15, but you can get it at WalMart for about 10 bucks. So if you want to try it, buy it at a local store and that way you save the money on shipping and handling and shouldn't have any problems with returns.

By Judi Gatson
Posted 5:39pm by BrettWitt