Perspective: WIS editorial on USC's national baseball championship

Am I the only one who thinks that our USC Gamecocks bringing home the national title for college baseball was bigger than just a sports win?  Watching that series, the championship win, and then the homecoming celebrations just gave me goose bumps.

South Carolina has been in the news for so many embarrassing moments lately, and it is refreshing to have something positive to showcase our state and our young people.

I have heard from so many people that this College World Series title has done a lot to boost the morale of our city and state, especially following on the heels of  the negative political atmosphere we just witnessed in the primaries.

The jubilation, the pride, and the class that has been exhibited by fans and team members is something to behold and sheds a new light on what South Carolina has the potential to be -- a first-class winner and competitor.

All of us in this state, even Clemson fans, should see this championship as a signal that in the world of sports and beyond, our state has a lot to offer to our country and the world.  That's my perspective.  Send me your thoughts.

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