COPY-Facebook postings from father of 2-year-old promote 'exotic' parties

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - The father of 2-year-old Rodricus Williams, who is now presumed dead, faces charges in the death of his son. His Facebook postings promote parties dated shortly after his son's death.

Roger Anthony Williams, 28, was arrested by Summerville police at the Economy Inn Hotel around 4 a.m. Wednesday. He was charged with homicide by child abuse Thursday after Medical University of South Carolina forensics experts isolated the remains of a boy in a cement-filled trash can found near a rural South Carolina town.

Authorities believe the body is that of 2-year-old Rodricus Williams who was intitially reported missing Tuesday night.

Roger Williams, goes by Tony Williams on Facebook page, using his middle name. His profile picture shows him shirtless giving the middle finger.

According to his Facebook page he works for Pipeboys Entertainment, which plans and promotes parties for local night club establishments. On his Facebook page, Williams has posted several party flyers promoting events at the Sky Lounge in Goose Creek.

His latest Facebook post thanked people for coming out to a party at the Sky Lounge on July 3.

The post read: "And pipeboyz ent. wanna thank everyone for cming out 2 da skyy lounge dis weekend!! but we ain't stopping we doing it big 2nite for july 4th!! we got drink specials all nite long, we got da exotic girls all nite long! man we just doing it bigg all nite long! skyy lounge da new party spot!!"

Another post from June 30 reads: "dis (expletive) dnt stop! wasted wednesday at kamari's, then after, da skyy lounge! we going in, ladies free 2 get in. drink specials all night long. oh yea fellas after 2 we bringing all da ladies out, so dnt miss dis exotic affair!!"

Williams' sister, Keke Williams, made several comments on the above post. The dialogue between the two reads:

Keke Williams: I suggest u call me bc won't nobody b getting in free no where bc I will shut ur party club thangy down! I'm serious!

Tony Williams: Oh so u cut throat sister!

Keke Williams: U know how i do! Call me!

Tony Williams: Nw I knw hw ur man feel! I hope he keeps a gun nearby cuz u FOOL!
Keke Williams: Omg! Shut up boi! U r so mean!
Grace Nichole Trotman, Williams' girlfriend who is also being charged with homicide by child abuse, also has a Facebook page. Her page lists that she graduated from Summerville High School and has two children. One is nine months old and the other is two years old.

Roger "Tony" Williams has a long criminal history and is wanted by the Berkeley County sheriff's office, North Charleston police and the Dorchester County sheriff's office on other bench warrants. In addition to serving the other bench warrants, Williams was issued a citation for simple possession of marijuana when he was arrested Tuesday.

The warrants were issued in May after Williams failed to appear in court on charges of driving an uninsured car and driving under a suspended license. He was cited for both offenses in March. It marks the fouth suspended license charge and second uninsured vehicle charge for Williams.

The offenses are the most recent in Williams' long criminal history that dates back to 1998.

A SLED report shows Williams has been arrested for a string of misdemeanors in his early 20s -- shoplifting, an open container violation, providing false information to police -- and several felonies in recent years, including two charges for marijuana and crack cocaine possession.

Williams was last arrested in June 2009 for possession of marijuana. His last crack cocaine offense was recorded in 2004.

A woman was present at the time of the arrest.

According to police, when they entered the hotel room, Roger Williams said, "I'm the one you are looking for."

Police were looking for Rogers after authorities and search teams spent Tuesday night and Wednesday morning looking for Williams' missing 2-year-old son. A report that the boy fell in the water near the Battery in downtown Charleston led investigators to begin searching.

Around 7 a.m. Wednesday, after Williams' arrest, authorities called off the search, stating that the boy was never in the water and that the report that came in was made up. Police still have not located the boy.

During Williams' arrest, a police officer smelled burnt marijuana and when asked, Williams told police that he had just smoked marijuana. During a search of the hotel room, officers found three brown, burnt, hand-rolled marijuana cigarettes.

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