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(Columbia) May 7, 2003 - Lots of people have asked Judi Gatson about BodyFlex, but it was tough finding someone willing to do it on TV. Judi finally convinced two co-workers, Danielle Amos and Katie Paxton, to the BodyFlex Plus challenge
There's no running, no weight training and you don't even have to change clothes or get out of your chair. BodyFlex claims the secret is all in how you breathe.

Hello Judy,
Wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your "Buy It and Try It" shows on the Body Flex and Pilates. I have tried the Body Flex. It does bring quick results. My experience was not nearly as dramatic as your successful employee, but I did lose almost 10 inches. What they don't tell you is that you must keep this up continuously. If you stop with it, the inches come back. You might want to pass that info on.
Take care,

The TV commerical is catchy and the testimonials are amazing, "I lost 13 inches in a week," and "I've lost 62 inches."

The creator of BodyFlex gives glowing reviews, but she's got great lighting and at age 57, she's got the look, "The first 7 days, to my amazement, I lost 10 inches in my midsection alone." Greer Childers claims she used to be a desperate size sixteen. She guarantees you'll loose 4 to 14 inches in 7 days, but never shows the workout.

Katie and Danielle didn't quite know what to expect when the tapes arrived.

They started with a deep breath, then they start flexing and stretching. It might look a little crazy, but that's the technique. After flexing their facial muscles, they flexed their forearms

There's a whole new twist for the thighs. Then it was time for Danielle to step it up and add resistance, "I'm still skeptical because I don't think she gives enough instructions. I'm not feeling it. I'm not feeling anything."

Katie isn't so sure how she might look doing the exercises, "I feel silly doing it, no one watches me at home, but I feel good after it. I can feel my heart pumping, I know my heart rate is up."

Danielle was exasperated after a full two weeks of aerobic breathing, "I don't feel anything afterwards. I don't notice any change in the way my clothes fit. My measurements haven't changed perceptively."

Katie says it's a breath of fresh air, "I can feel it in the muscles. I feel energized. I feel stress relieved, all the benefits you're supposed to get from exercise."

Danielle says it didn't work for her and she thought it was painfully boring, but Katie did it for three weeks. After week one she lost 9 inches and after the second week she dropped more than 4 inches. At the end of week three she lost another 9. The grand total for her was a 22 and a half inch weight loss.

A couple of things to note, on TV they talk about the abs a lot, but when they give the inches lost they're talking about all over your body - right? Part of the reason for the results may be because Danielle walks, plays tennis and is already pretty active.

The smart shopper gives this product mixed reviews. Our unscientific conclusion is if you already workout it's not gonna do much for you, but if you're not active it could work, if you don't get bored with it.
Katie's second week, she used hand weights and feels like she got much better results with the gym bar. Danielle is too tall for some of the gym bar exercises.

By Judi Gatson
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