Some answers, many questions in Greene's primary win

Greene's filing check
Greene's filing check

MANNING, SC (WIS) - Since he won the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate, there have been a lot of questions about Alvin Greene. Among them, just how did he do it with no website, campaign materials or campaign team?

A woman from Greene's hometown of Manning says she saw Greene campaigning. Neathery Elliott said Greene stopped her while she was in a checkout line in a Walmart in Manning while he was raising votes.

"I asked him what he was up to these days and he said, 'yeah, I'm running for the Senate,'" recalled Elliot. "I said, 'that's wonderful.' He said, 'Yeah, I'm running on the Democratic ticket.'"

At one point on Friday Greene agreed to an on-camera interview with us, but then changed his mind. After a follow-up phone call to our story, Greene has agreed to an interview in two weeks.

Alvin Greene has yet to settle a felony obscenity case. Chairperson Carol Fowler says Democratic Party leaders will keep on eye on the outcome of the criminal proceedings.

"We will see legal issues resolve themselves," said Fowler. "We don't really want to be tied to a candidate with an indictment hanging over him. And so if he can get that resolved favorably, then certainly he will be, he has as much right to our support as everyone else."

Fowler said Greene has gotten more attention than Democratic candidates who she claims have a good shot at winning.

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