USC baseball player taking interesting hairstyle to Omaha

By Mandy Mitchell - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A lucky penny, a rabbit's foot or some dirty gym socks -- almost everyone has something they say brings them luck, but one Carolina ballplayer is going to the extreme.

It's a sports tradition to do something different during playoffs for luck. One Gamecock baseball player is taking it all to a new level, and the hair-raising story is bound to raise some eyebrows.

You may have noticed, right smack in the middle of the Gamecocks' celebration Sunday, a player with an interesting hairstyle. It's Nick Ebert, and his mohawk is now a part of Gamecock history.

"A shocker, my mom called me as soon as she seen it and asked me why I did it," said Ebert. "Then she said it doesn't look that bad, could be worse."

It is a curious choice, and a statement Ebert is making alone as the gamecocks head to Omaha. "No one else has the guts," he said. "I was the only one."

If you don't like the 'do, blame Christian Walker, the hero of the super regional. He hit the game-winning home run to send the Gamecocks to the College World Series, and he is the man behind the clippers. "Christian did it," said Ebert.

"Everyone was getting buzz cuts," explained Walker. "Ebert didn't want that, he wanted something else, so he said 'let me get a mohawk.'"

"I was sitting in front of the mirror and was shaking my head the whole time," added Ebert.

And while it may not be the fashion statement Ebert has always dreamed of, the mohawk is doing its job. "It turns out it's working," he said. "We're going to Omaha, so I'm keeping it!"

And he's hoping his head will be front and center for another dog pile, this time in Omaha.

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