Former employees: Irmo business still owes us unpaid wages

By Jody Barr - bio | email

IRMO, SC (WIS) - Past and present employees of SecureWatch ADT in Irmo have contacted us to say the business still owes them money for several months worth of unpaid wages.

Yaminah Watson worked her way out of a women's shelter through a job as a consultant with the Irmo business. Now she lives on her aunt's floor.

Watson was supposed to be paid on May 22. She was recently approved for an apartment until she started running into trouble getting paid.

"I went and asked about my money, 'Oh we're going to check into it, we're going to see what's the hold up, what's taking so long. We'll get back to you,'" said Watson of her confrontations with management over her lack of payment.

The story is the same for Tim Faucette. He was hired on with the firm at the first of March, booking six days a week, 12 hours a day.

"We're out there sweating 10 and 12 hours a day, in the heat, in the rain; that does not stop us," said Faucette.

"My second paycheck for one week was supposed to be about $2,200 and I received about $1,100, that was my first run-in with payroll," said Faucette.

Faucette says he worked his way into the top-producer's spot with SecureWatch. The pay troubles, he says, got worse. His paperwork shows the company owes him $1,500.

We asked SecureWatch Regional Manager Ronnie Rossegnol about the wage problems.

"Had a couple people come to me with a couple issues, that's why I'm here today: just to fix it, noting outrageous," said Rossegnol.

Rossegnol referred us to his boss, Matthew Thompson, for comment. Thompson lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He explained why the employees weren't getting paid.

"It's just the communication between the branch manager and the employees," said Thompson.

Thompson says he found out about the issues Wednesday morning. Everyone he owes, Thompson says, will be paid in full Wednesday at the close of business.

For Yaminah Watson, she says it's the same story she's heard for weeks.

"We earned this money, this is ours, just give us what we earned, that's all we're asking for," said Watson.

As of this report, none of the people who called us and whom we interviewed for this story received anything from Thompson.

Faucette, quit his job and is working for another alarm company. He says he's still going to fight for the $1,500 he says the business owes him.

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