High heat brings high energy bills to SC

By Stephen Hooker - email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Higher energy costs have come along with the high temperatures we're experiencing.

You're probably running your fan or air conditioner a lot more, or even paying to get your unit repaired. That could add up to big bucks.

Lee Ann Hutto is definitely looking for some big savings in her energy bill, but these recent days of August-like heat means higher energy bills.

"You hope it will work in your favor with Mother Nature being as hot as it is this early in June, not looking too good," said Hutto.

Lee Ann and her husband made all the right energy moves right down to the light bulbs. Their modern home has double glazed windows, a high efficient air conditioner, warmer temperature settings, reliance on fans, vents clear and blinds drawn. However, that meter keeps on ticking up the cost of comfort.

The power company's website is well worth a visit.

"We have all kind of tips to show how they can save on energy, stay cool in times like this," said Robert Yanity with SCE&G.

The utility's budget billing option takes out a lot of the financial pain during a few months of spiking bills.

"You're not paying less, but it kind of evens things out so there are no big surprises," said Yanity.

Another plan in the works is based on a ten or fifteen year history of weather temperatures. Lee Ann is up for anything that will take the sting out of the big swings in weather and the bills that come from them.

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