Former Lee Co. official facing drug charges is out of jail

John Muldrow
John Muldrow
Charles Muldrow
Charles Muldrow

BISHOPVILLE, SC (WIS) - Lee County Director of Public Works John Muldrow faces charges of possessing cocaine and growing marijuana after deputies stumbled across his growing operation by accident, officials say.

Acting Sheriff Daniel Simon said Muldrow's brother, Charles Muldrow, was also arrested.

The sheriff's department said Muldrow had his bond set in court Friday afternoon at $35,000 and has since bonded out. Charles Muldrow is also out of jail.

Deputies were trying to serve a bench warrant to an uncle who lives next door, Simon said. When no one answered, they went next door to the brothers' home. Simon says marijuana plants were in plain view.

Deputies obtained a search warrant, called Muldrow and asked him to come home. Muldrow let them inside, and that's when Simon says deputies found the cocaine.

Muldrow has been Director of Public Works for about eight months. The Lee County Council Chair says Muldrow is no longer a county employee.

Muldrow isn't the only Lee County official to be out of a job and in a jail cell recently. Sheriff E.J. Melvin was arrested earlier this month and charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine and crack.

Deputies say this arrest is separate from the Melvin investigation. The discovery happened by chance, according to Simon.

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