Statement from Alexander Dukes

My position has not changed at this time. I am unable to comment or do a interview but it has became obvious where this WIS TV 10 investigation is going and I can not and will not stand around and allow my character and integrity to be question or challenged. It is obvious that someone is attempting to conspire" plot" against me but I challenge you "who ever" you are to bring some proof  of any kind showing I am or have ever been involved in narcotics of any kind, "marijuana ,crack etc. I further challenge you to bring fourth proof that I have transported money "any amount" and or protected "shielded" a narcotic user or dealer from a arrest. It even gets better.... I challenged you to find a classmate that can ever say I smoked marijuana or drank a beer to this day. If its against the law to work hard,have nice things and be broke then I have violated the law. I challenge my county and community which I so loved and still do if you know me"Alex Dukes" having any involvement in drugs and the above please call Sheriff Anthony Dennis 803-436-2051 or SLED 803-737-9000. Be warned you will be subject to a polygraph test. I promise Sumter my community I would be more afraid of a South Carolina trooper giving me a ticket than of whoever is feeding this info. I say to you I hope you sleep good at night. I haven't had a full nights sleep since May 6 and my little 5 year old hasn't stop asking me about the police car and my Seventy year old mother worries for nothing!