Buy It and Try It: Flat garden hose

(Columbia) April 24, 2003 - The flat hose makes some pretty splashy claims on TV, saying it easily attaches to any faucet and it's, "Guaranteed to never kink, never tangle, never tear."

Can it really be that easy?

WIS viewer Gladys Richardson grows lots of plants and flowers and dragging out her rubber hose can be a tedious task, "See how big that hose is."

She's hoping to water her garden in no time flat with the new hose, "Ok, I got it on. It's alive. It's works, it works, what about that?" Gladys gushes over the flat hose in the first test, "Yeah, I'm real pleased with it."

On TV they say, "Just turn off the water it goes back to its flat shape."

When Gladys turns off the spigot, "It's getting flat." She also says the hose is much easier to handle, "See, I can hold this in one hand and I sure couldn't hold a regular garden hose in one hand."

Gladys is ready to order, but we need to find out if the flat hose holds up under more pressure. WIS rolled out to Crabtrees Garden Center and asked Ralfe Deal to give it a good run through.

She says claims of being the perfect hose fell flat after two days. Gladys actually used the hose for several more days and also found that it had a flood of problems.

So, with a price tag of $19.99, is the flat hose worth the cash? Our WIS smart shopper says the claims of being the perfect hose just don't hold water. A regular hose is heavier, but at least it holds up and gets the job done.
Another WIS viewer, Sharon, e-mailed Judi Gatson and said she bought a flat hose at a local store, but after one use washing the car, it got tangled, sprang leaks and is just full of holes. She said it wasn't worth the cash and she ended up throwing it in the trash.

By Judi Gatson
Posted 5:34pm by BrettWitt