Perspective: WIS editorial on weather alert radios

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Wicked springtime weather is upon us, and here in the Midlands we've already experienced severe weather, including tornados.  One way to alert yourself about these dangerous storms is to stay tuned to Storm Track weather on WIS, go online at and our mobile site, 10toGO!.

Another way is to purchase a weather alert radio which sends out emergency warnings specific to area you live in -- even while you sleep.  Since 2007, WIS has been helping people in the Midlands with free weather radio programming at various Walgreens locations, in cooperation with the National Weather Service and local public safety officials.

A weather radio can save your life, alerting you to approaching tornadoes and other severe storms.   Please consider purchasing one, then go to for instructions on how to program it to receive alerts for your neighborhood.  Stay safe from severe weather this spring with WIS Storm Track weather and your weather alert radio!

That's my perspective.  If you have any experiences with weather radios that you'd like to share, I'd like to hear from you.