Buy It & Try It:

John macchia\consumer reports - according to the centers for disease control ... About 76-million americans get sick from contaminated food each year. That's why proper clean up is essential in the kitchen. In tonight's buy it and try it ... Troubleshooter judi gatson puts a new product to the test that claims to cut down on the mess. This ad for saran disposable cutting sheets says no kitchen is complete without them, "look. Cut right on them. They soak up the juicy,germy mess." when you're done youre supposed to just trash the sheet and the mess. Testers sliced, diced and chopped through dozens of sheets to see if the claims would hold up in your kitchen. Tester john macchia (pron: mock-ee-uh) found the sheets came up short as soon as he started quartering a 4-pound chicken, "the sheets are only 9 and half by 12 inches theyre too small for a whole chicken and the juices wind up on the counter." and there was another problem. The knife cut right through the sheets to the countertop. And when john used the sheets to cut vegetables he ran into the same problem. The knife sliced right through sheet after sheet. So in this test ... The saran disposable cutting sheets just don't cut it. You're better off with your regular cutting board, "each cutting sheet costs about 20 cents after using a real cutting board a few times it should make up for the expense." and of course, you have to be diligent about keeping your kitchen germ-free, "its easy to forget to clean your cutting board, your knife or your hands after working with meat or chicken. Overlook any one of these and you can contaminate any other foods that youre working with." also ... Be sure to thoroughly wipe down the counter with a hot, soapy sponge. When you're done you need to get lingering bacteria off your sponge ... You can do that by putting it in the microwave on high for 30 seconds or adding it to your next dishwasher load.