Benjamin Statement on Police Chief Dismissal

Columbia Mayor-elect Steve Benjamin released the following statement regarding City Manager Steve Gantt's termination of Chief Tandy Carter earlier today:

"I have spent today in Rock Hill focused on economic development and downtown revitalization. As a result, I have yet to speak with either Mr. Gantt or Chief Carter and have very limited information about this morning's announcement.

"That being said, I would like to caution everyone that this is a highly charged environment where even the most well-meaning gesture at a time like this could have unforeseen and unintended long term consequences.

"Many of us have strong, personal feelings on how this matter has been handled and what should have been done differently. But now is not the time to let rancor or resentment further divide us.

"Let us instead rededicate ourselves to the cause of creating a city that thrives on open communication, honest collaboration, and a mutual respect. Only then, can we truly move forward together. "