Agape Therapy: Get Better Faster

The primary focus of Agapé Skilled Rehabilitation and Nursing is to help patients return home as quickly as possible. Physical, occupational, and speech therapies are offered at least 6 days a week in Agapé Skilled Rehabilitation. Studies show that intensive, concentrated and interdependent therapy sessions can greatly reduce the amount of time needed for recovery. Physical therapy is a type of rehabilitative health care that utilizes exercise and equipment to assist individuals in the development or recovery of muscular strength, flexibility, and range of motion.
Like physical therapy, occupational therapy involves physical movement and activity. Occupational therapy consists of a wide variety of activities that are designed to increase a person's capabilities and functionalities in their daily lives: activities such as eating, grooming, and dressing. Speech therapy is the diagnosis and treatment of speech disorders. Speech therapy provides patients with treatments that increase abilities with swallowing, communication, and cognition.
If a therapy patient is discharged from Agapé to the home, our therapy program can provide a seamless transition by having the inpatient therapist transition to serving as the outpatient therapist.