Agape Transitional Rehabilitation Center

Agapé Senior provides short-term rehabilitation at its state-of-the-art Medicare-certified facilities. Our caring, compassionate and highly-trained healthcare professionals are focused on the needs of patients. The typical length of stay for a rehabilitation patient is 28 to 30 days. Significantly shorter stays are the norm for certain procedures; the goal for knee replacement rehabilitation is 8 days.
Our rehabilitation team is committed to providing superior medical care with a professional yet personal demeanor. Our nurses, CNA's and therapists closely follow plans of care provided by referring physicians. Their efforts are supported and enhanced by a full complement of therapeutic and rehabilitative programs, all placing emphasis on preserving or improving quality of life.
In addition, when a patient has a medical condition that requires a hospitalization it is important to remember that during illness not only does the body become affected by the disease but also by the deconditioning that comes from the simple fact that the patient has been bed-ridden. The Transitional Rehabilitation Center offers the opportunity to have a period of time where patients are still receiving nursing care and therapy services in order to get them to their optimum level of independence and successful transitions.