Checklist to determine if a Senior is safe to be at home alone

_ If there was an emergency, does he or she know how to exit the home quickly and safely?

_ Can he or she recognize signals for potential dangers such as fire alarms?

_ If there was an emergency, would he or she know how to access emergency services? Does he or she know how to utilize 911? Is he or she able to use the phone?

_ Does he or she have medical conditions that might cause vulnerability requiring immediate medical attention? Does he or she have access to all necessary medications? Can he or she easily follow a prescribed medication regimen?

_ When he or she is hungry, is he or she able to prepare nutritious food? After using the stove, does he or she remember to turn it off?

_ Has he or she begun to wander away from the safety of the home and yard?

_ Does he or she make good choices regarding who should or should not be let in to the home? Would he or she recognize family, friends, and/or emergency respondents and allow them to enter the home?

_ Are you uncomfortable leaving him or her alone for an hour or more? When caregivers leave, does he or she become clingy and call frequently?

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