Going green? A company hopes you'll start with your underwear

(NBC) - Going green is a popular trend these days and with more and more companies focusing on creating products for sustainability, it's getting easier to join the movement.

Now there's a company in Berkeley, CA taking the green movement under ... literally, and proving you don't have to wear your environmental principles on your sleeve to make a statement about being Earth-friendly.

There are plenty people who believe that a green lifestyle begins in the heart and mind but at PACT, they have an artsy, fashionable approach and they're helping the cause by starting with the most brief item of clothing.

"Our motto is: Change starts with your underwear," explained Jason Kibbey, co-founder of PACT Underwear.

Each pair of undies PACT sells is designed by an artist to reflect a different social or environmental organization, and for each piece sold, 10 percent of the profits goes to that group.

"We wanted to actually prove you can make a product that's beautiful, that's fun, that's also sustainable," Kibbey said.

The colorful line of briefs and thongs is made in Turkey with sustainability in mind. Just about any pattern and style is available, so whether you prefer boxers or briefs, there's something in store.

"Everything is manufactured in a 100 mile-radius," co-founder Jeff Denby said. "So the growing of the organic cotton to the final finished product happens all within this small regional supply chain."

The people of PACT practice what they preach at home, too. Employees walk or bike to work, and desks are all hand-me-downs.

It may be a bit ambitious to think one person can change the world, but the people behind the label at PACT are proving no butts about it, you can change it - one pair of underwear at a time.

"Everyone wears underwear every single day," Kibbey said, "and if you can find a way to be more environmentally responsible with something you're going to wear every single day, why not start with underwear?"

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