Fairfield Co. School Board could lose chairwoman

By Jody Barr - email

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, SC (WIS) - The question whether Fairfield County School district is without its chairwoman remains unanswered.

The commission also decided McDaniel is a resident of Richland County and has been since 1988.

McDaniel, a Fairfield County School Board member, walked out of the hearing Wednesday night after the commission denied her request for five more days to prove she lives in Fairfield County.

"Because I was not given reasonable time to secure legal council for representation or reasonable time, the required 15 days that is required to adequately prepare for this hearing," said McDaniel.

According to a subpoena, deputies served McDaniel on April 16, five days before the hearing.

We contacted every member of the school board to find out whether McDaniel's seat is open.

Board member Danielle Miller says the board is waiting on Vice Chairman Rickey Johnson to make a decision as to what happens next. We've called and emailed Johnson for an update.

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