Bishopville golfer fighting to get back onto the PGA Tour

By Mandy Mitchell - bio | email

BISHOPVILLE, SC (WIS) - A Bishopville native is trying to fight his way back to the PGA Tour. Tommy Gainey is a former factory worker who earned his tour card a couple of years ago, but he's been fighting to get back to golf's highest level ever since.

Gainey is just one of those guys you root for, a self described country boy who has a dream to make it big on the PGA tour. He's been there before, and now he's trying to get back for good.

Chatting with the fans is never something that's bothered Tommy Gainey. He considers himself one of them. Not a kid born with a golf club in his hand, but a guy who's had to work to teach himself the game. The game still isn't something that comes easy.

"Been trying to work on the game a little bit," said Gainey. "You know it's been kind of rusty, but starting the season like this is hard to build momentum."

Gainey is playing a limited schedule on the Nationwide Tour, a step below golf's highest level.

"My season is okay," Gainey said. "I've played five tournaments, made two cuts."

But it is a long way from where he wants to be and where he once was, the PGA Tour. Gainey earned his tour card in 2007 and played an entire season with the greatest golfers in the world. He didn't play well enough to keep the card, and hasn't gotten it back since.

"All it is is playing more," he says. "The more I play the more momentum I can build and I just keep going from there."

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