UPDATE: Deputies catch two men in Hopkins area

By Stephen Hooker - email

COLUMBIA (WIS) - The manhunt is over as deputies have apprehended two juvenile suspects in connection with a search that lasted most of Monday morning.

The search was focused in the area of Mt. Elon Church road and Old Leesburg road in the Hopkins area.

Around 9 a.m., a deputy was rushing to a residential alarm call when she decided to stop a suspicious car. Two teenagers jumped out and ran into the woods. That's when their world changed.

Suddenly, the area was flooded with deputies, dogs and the sheriff's black helicopter.

John Evans had only seen a similar scene on television. "It's like being in South L.A," he said.

Recently, the area had been hit by several burglaries, and now the stopped car was found to have been stolen.  Deputies weren't taking any chances. Residents were especially on alert.

One suspicious neighbor was alerted by his dogs. He found two young men at his propery line. They wanted to use his phone. He did it for them, but called police.

The net was tightened, and the dogs brought in. It didn't take long for the animals to pick up the scent and catch the two teens.

Deputies don't know whether the teens are involved in the recent burglaries. For now, the teens are related only to a stolen Buick.

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