Perspective: WIS editorial on Voting

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The city of Columbia's most important local election in years is Tuesday. Our city faces many critical issues. And it's up to all of us registered voters to cast our ballots. As we've seen in some recent elections, just a few votes could make the difference.

In the first round of city voting two weeks ago, less than 17,000 of the city's 63,000 registered voters went to the polls.  We can and should do better!  Because on Tuesday, Columbians will elect a new mayor -- the first change in 20 years --  and in district 4, they'll choose a new city council member.  Don't let someone else determine our city's future.

The city budget, public safety, economic development, and neighborhood preservation are just some of the key issues at stake on Tuesday.  Read about the candidates' positions on, and exercise the precious privilege of living in a democracy -- your right to vote.

And whether you live in Columbia or not, if you're not a registered voter, don't miss the next election.  The deadline to register for the June statewide primaries for Governor and many other offices is just a few weeks away, May 8th.

I believe that if you don't vote, you have no right to complain about your government's policies and practices.  Be a responsible citizen and get involved!