Group aims to get more women into politics

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - One South Carolina group is looking to get more women into politics.

Friday night the Southeastern Institute for Women in Politics held a dinner in Columbia. The group's goal is to get more women educated and trained to run for office, increase the pool of female candidates and to raise awareness of women in leadership roles.
We talked with the keynote speaker and the country's first woman attorney general, Arlene Violet, about what a candidate needs to be successful.

"They have to have a passion to really want to change our society, to have it much more equal in our society and my job is to hopefully inspire some people to run for office," said Violet.

There will be a seminar Saturday called "Grassroots Politics -- Building A Winning Campaign From The Ground Up" held by the Southeastern Institute for Women in Politics at the ETV Telecommunication Center at 1041 George Rogers Blvd. Registration Begins at 8:30am. Call 741-5644 with questions.

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